Jeri Desrochers - "Cultivating Color"

Artist Jeri Desrochers captures the vibrant colors and textures of the Rio Grande and Mesilla Valleys in her original oil paintings.

​Growing up on a small family-run farm, Desrochers' strong connection to the land and the people who work it is reflected in her paintings. "When I first came to this area I was struck by the amazing farm valley in the middle of the desert," she says. "The clear light and lack of humidity intensifies colors and makes the mountains appear sharp and closer than they actually are.

I love to play up that intensity and push it to express how I feel about this landscape."

Completed primarily with a palette knife, Desrochers' works are composed of thick luminescent paint. Transparent underpinnings glow through the multiple layers to create an effect only achievable with oil paint.

Due to the delicate nature and value of each piece of art, we take the utmost caution to ensure the safe and secure purchase and transportation of your art piece

If you would like to purchase a piece, please contact us or visit our Gallery in Mesilla, New Mexico.

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